The Exploded Circus | Tour Dates
Find out more about our tour dates and access offerings.
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Pavilion Theatre | Worthing

Fri 18 – Sun 20 May,

Curve | Leicester

26 – 27 May

The Lowry | Salford Quays

Sat 16 – Sun 17 June 

Imagine Luton | Luton 

Sat 23 – Sun 24 June 

Winchester Hat Fair | Winchester | I’ve lost my circus 

30 June – 1 July

The Ffwrnes | Llanelli

27 – 28 July 

Live in the Square | London

2 – 4 August

Merchant City Festival | Glasgow

10 – 12 August

Winchester Theatre Royal | Winchester

7 – 8 September

Warwick Arts Centre | Coventry

3 November

Lancaster Arts | Lancaster

23– 25 November

Meadowside Leisure Centre | Burton upon Trent

28– 30 November


As part of The Exploded Circus tour we’ll be providing the following things to make the show more accessible to disabled audience members:

Blind and partially sighted audiences

Introductory notes that give a little bit more information about the show a which can be read or listened to ahead of the show.

Find them here: The-Exploded-Circus-Introduction-Arial-16pt

MP3 available here:


Touch Tours before selected shows where audience members can come and have a closer look at the set and costumes. Details below:

  • Imagine Luton | 23 June | 12:45 pm
  • Winchester Theatre Royal | 8 Sept | 1:30pm

Please get in touch on if you would like to book a place on a touch tour.

Audiences on the autistic spectrum or with learning disabilities

A Visual Story: a document providing information about the show, in a format which is more accessible for people who have learning disabilities.

You can download it here in PDF or Word formats:

The Exploded Circus Visual Story final June 2018

The Exploded Circus Visual Story final June 2018

Selected performances will be Relaxed Performances. These are open to everyone but are designed with the needs of people with sensory sensitivities in mind. There will be a relaxed attitude to noise and people moving about and there may be very small changes to light and sound. They are a bit like the quiet carriage on the train…but the opposite! Details below:

  • The Lowry | Salford | 17 June | 2pm
  • Imagine Luton | Luton | 24 June | 2pm
  • Winchester Theatre Royal | 8 Sept | 2pm

If there’s anything else you would like to help make the show accessible to you, please get in contact with either the venues or Lissy Lovett at Mimbre on