The Exploded Circus | The Exploded Circus
Step into the moment where an explosion has been frozen in time!
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Step into the moment where an explosion has been frozen in time, the remnants of a big top caught mid-air – with everything from circus ring, sequins and fairground horses suspended above ground.


Featuring a breath-taking mix of acrobatics, surprising aerial feats and masterful juggling, The Exploded Circus weaves a story told without words, where six female performers have to come together to seek order in the chaos and create a new normal.


With striking imagery and subtle humour, the show explores themes around change, hope and belonging.


Mimbre is a female-led contemporary circus company. They use their unique blend of physicality and narrative to tell intimate stories about human connections.


“[It] really was an edge-of-the-seat affair and culminated in a life affirming conclusion.” Worthing Herald



“A magical evening.” ★★★★★ Theatre South East

director’s Statement 

Lina Johansson

“Conflicts may be the sources of defeat, lost life and a limitation of our potentiality but they may also lead to greater depth of living and the birth of more far-reaching unities, which flourish in the tensions that engender them”  Karl Jaspers 

With a feeling that the world around us is on the cusp of big changes, I want to create a performance reflecting on this in a microcosm. Be it Brexit, global warming or the refugee crisis, there is a strong feeling of change and upheaval around us. I want to use the show to reflect, as well as imagine what could come from this change and how we can use it to grow. I want audiences to feel the palpable uncertainty around us, but also nurture a feeling of hope.

The Exploded Circus pulls together several different strands of how I’ve been exploring circus as a director and choreographer: mixing spectacle and visual impact with heart and personal stories. The set design provides a choreographic playground for me to blend work in the air and on the ground and use the full palette of circus skills.

r minds.

I’m excited to develop the show with an exceptional cast of female performers, to allow space both for individual flourish as well as Mimbre’s signature strong ensemble work. The risk and trust inherent in circus – the falls and the balances of the performers – allows me to explore a physical narrative that the audience can feel in their bodies as well as, follow with their minds.

Age Recommendation:

Family friendly, 6+

Run time:

70 min

Creative Team

Director | Lina Johansson

Production Designer | Loren Elstein

Composer | Quinta

Lighting Designer | Amy Mae

Aerial Choreography Consultant | Mélissa Colello

Rigging Designer | Ruzhin Babaei

Technical Stage Manager | Jules Millard

Re-lighter/Operator | Gareth Weaver


Alice Allart (Trick bike, slack rope)

Coral Dawson (Physical theatre, corde lisse, aerial harness)

Ruby Gaskell (Aerials)

Arielle Lauzon (Acrobatics, slack rope, Chinese hoops)

Jackie Le (Aerials)

Lynn Scott (Juggling)

Supported by Arts Council England Strategic Touring grant,

Foyle Foundation, PRS Foundation,

Imagine Luton, Worthing Theatres, and Circus 250.

Residency and production support by 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space

Listen to Lina talking about The Exploded Circus