The Exploded Circus | Announcing: Meet The Characters From The Exploded Circus
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Announcing: Meet The Characters From The Exploded Circus

Roll up Roll up! The circus is coming to town and you’re invited to meet the characters from The Exploded Circus.

As we eagerly prepare the show, we will be introducing our multi-skilled and charming cast through the lens of their characters. By the time you hear the rumble of a distant explosion they will hopefully feel like family to you:

Alice Allart, is an expert on Trick bike and slack rope

Farrell Cox, translates the language of physical theatre on aerials

Coral Dawson, ingeniously combines physical theatre on the corde lisse and aerial harness

Arielle Lauzon, brings you lively acrobatics on the slack rope and Chinese hoops

Rebecca Rennison, mesmerises with her aerials skills

Lynn Scott, is an artistic and masterful juggler

We will be in the rehearsal room over the next few weeks, so please let us know if you have any questions for them or their character! What would you like to find out? Do you want to know more about their characters’s personal story? Their working process?

Or if, like us, you want to know what will happen to them in the post-explosion world try to make it one of our shows, all dates will be announced here.

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