The Exploded Circus | What do you worry about?
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What do you worry about?

The last question we think had the most interesting responses: we asked the young people at our workshops what it is that worries them the most.

One of their biggest worries was their GCSEs, which was not surprising. We are certain however that, with their maturity and intelligence, our young people are going to do brilliantly in all their exams. Some of the others worried about things on a much bigger scale, with some thinking about global warming, future careers, family, war and disaster. And finally, some were concerned about their place in the world and how they were making it a better place. These 11-year-olds wondered how they could improve on the direction the world is headed in, how they might contribute towards world peace and how they can make a difference with their actions towards others.

The images read: How I approach things and how I could make the world a better place, about people being rude to each other and the world just doesn’t communicate only through technology, what is going to happen to my family?, detention how my friends will change and I won’t see them after year 11, Donald Trump, I worry about all the people in the world suffering from mental and human pain and also I worry about my parents. 

As heartwarming, and concerning, some of these answers are, we must admit being very perplexed with receiving not one but two answers claiming to be worried about peri-peri. Does anyone know if peri peri is in some form of danger? We hope not!

If you’re just joining us, here is a brief explanation as to why we asked these questions: during the past few months we’ve asked the young people taking part in our workshops a series of questions. We were really curious to find out their answers and what genuinely troubles 11-year-olds. We’ve been using some of these responses as starting points for our new show The Exploded Circus.

 So now it’s your turn, what worries you the most?

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