The Exploded Circus | What would you rebuild?
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What would you rebuild?

In the past few months we’ve asked the young people taking part in our workshops a series of questions. We were really curious to find out their answers as they related to our show’s themes. They were so inspiring that we’ve been using some of the answers as inspiration points as we work on our new show The Exploded Circus.

The very first question we asked was what they would rebuild, should the world as we know it ends (cheery question to ask of 11 year-olds)

As expected, we’ve had quite a few answers about rebuilding a house or some form of shelter. Then, naturally, second up were phones and technology. However, here’s a selection of answers that were insightful, touching and original:

The images read: Fridge for food :), Breakfast I would make breakfast, sink, football, pizza, PlayStation 4, the corner shop, the sweet/chocolate stash, yourself who you are your confidence mental health, my house for my family, a new musical instrument, religious building, a piano. 

What would you rebuild if the world as you know it came to an end?


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